Dotted border change on hover:
Dotted borders that don't mess up in ie:
How to centre multiple divs:
Complex placement of divs:
Various rollover effects:
Disjointed rollover effects:
Horizontal drop down menu:
Fluid side column 3 col layout:
equalcolumns using bg image:
vertical background fade:

Simple form example:
Fixed position footer in iE:
CSS table:
Header Replacement:
Inline centred lists:
Hundredpercent borders all around using display:table:
Image gap test :
text and image left and right in same element:
List border and rollover effects:
IE5 mac 100% 3 column layout (the only one ever).
Min and max width expressions for ie:

Multiple classes example:
Opacity in IE:
Imitating outline text:
Pop up message in css:
positioning test showing elements are in the same place cross browser:
Random bg image with css and js:
List bullet on the right side instead of left:
Swap image with js:
Alternate coloured rows in table:
Simple CSS table:
Table with fixed column while content scrolls:
Tab effect:
Transparentheader example:
Three column examples:
One column centred:
Equal columns:
centre an element of no specified width.
Fixed header and footer for ie and moz:

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