About Us

We are a Florida based company that has been around for a while working for other companies doing what we know best fixing computers, networks, and design, service, host websites we now decided to take it a step further and offer our services to the public.

Since 1998

We have been at this since 1998, we started out fixing one thing at a time helping people understand and learn the rapid changes of the technology world.
We have been setting up small home networks to big school networks and servers, we have also install video streaming services, IP Cameras systems, Analog Cameras, DVR, NVRs, Access Conntrol Systems, Home Automation Systems, File Servers, DNS Servers, Web Servers we are here to stay and help with almost anything that involves the computer technology world.

We setup websites like this one and more, we can help you with either your new or old website and try to make your dreams come live on the web.